HVAC System San Jose | Air Conditioning Services San Jose & Palo Alto
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HVAC System


If you are looking to repair your air conditioner or install a new unit in the Silicon Valley area, we can provide the highest quality service. Our expert technicians can identify why a system isn’t performing properly and get your system running again at peak performance. If it is best to replace your air conditioner, we have lots of top-quality models to choose from for the highest level of comfort and energy efficiency.

As a company known for honesty, we can determine what your system needs to run properly, without trying to sell unneeded repairs. Our trucks are well stocked with the most common parts, for speedy repairs.


Your air conditioner requires regular maintenance each year to keep your cooling system operating at peak performance. Regularly cleaning and servicing your system helps to keep your home comfortable and your air conditioner running efficiently for years to come.


There are a few tell-tale signs that furry intruders have made their way into your home. If you do notice any of these signs, you should not hesitate to contact an attic clean up service right away, since rodents can carry harmful diseases and cause costly damage to your property. Here’s a closer look at the top indicators of a rodent problem in the attic.

Quality Work

Central air conditioners should be professionally inspected before the cooling season each year. Our NATE-trained technicians perform a 22-point tune-up, cleaning, and safety inspection across the Silicon Valley, to optimize comfort and energy efficiency.

High Efficiency Cooling Systems

With hot summers, Silicon Valley air conditioning systems get a lot of use. We understand the importance of selecting air conditioning systems that keep your energy bills down and we are meticulous in meeting your energy-efficiency goals.

Proper Cooling System Sizes

Most people think ``bigger is better,`` but this approach results in larger energy bills. We carefully size cooling systems by calculating the cooling load of your home. We also take into account our South Bay climate and your lifestyle

One of few authorized dealers in Silicon Valley

We design and install a variety of high-efficiency cooling systems, with competitive warranties. As Bryant and Mitsubishi Electric-authorized dealers located right here in Silicon Valley, we have access to some of the best cooling equipment in the industry. We also quote firm prices so there are no surprises.