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About us

Attic Crew

Attic Crew services both residential and commercial buildings.

With our free onsite inspections, we identify, clean, and prevent rodent infestation.

Just what do you have up there in your attic? Trunks full of old clothes? Remember: one of the biggest problems with cluttered attics is that they provide an excellent habitat for rodents and other pests, including squirrels and bats. Most people never know until it’s too late, when they start working their way into your home. Unwanted pests typically enter your home through cracks, holes, or openings in your attic’s walls, ceilings, or windows. Controlling these critters is best done through capturing and relocating them, then sealing up all access points. Our rodent control experts can identify the signs of rats in your attic, and provide safe, effective rodent proofing services to maintain your health and safety.


When your attic insulation is old or damaged, it’s easier for rats and rodents to enter your attic. A new attic insulation installation will provide effective rodent control, as well as a barrier against unwanted pests.

One of the biggest sources of energy inefficiencies in the home is inadequate insulation. This is especially the case in attics. Attic Crew will check your attic/crawl space for leaky pipes, damaged duct work, moisture or any insulation problems. We can remove old damaged insulation or replace it with new R-19 sub floor insulation to get you back up to code.


Insulation offers several benefits. Beside saving money on your energy bills and having a more comfortable home, you’re making a significant contribution towards helping the environment. A well-insulated home means use of less natural gas, less coal combusted, less uranium usage and as much as 2,000 pounds less emissions released into our environment every year! Insulation, particularly cellulose, also helps with our recycling efforts. It’s a win-win situation.


Our experience and equipment allow us to handle both difficult and custom installations. We’re proud of our innovative methods and offer more experience than other companies.


Our success is based on customer satisfaction with our competitive pricing, great products and outstanding service. We place a lifetime guarantee on all our work. Our workers are all professionals: we do not subcontract nor use guys off the corner. We answer our phones promptly, return calls, show-up on time and make certain each job is done right. While other companies may have owners on the golf course; revolving salesmen with no hands-on experience working on commission, we don’t operate that way… and that’s why we’re top-rated.


Terms and conditions for lifetime guarantee available upon request.